​​​​Women Organizing Women Inc 

The Seraphim is the Highest order of angels that stands closest to God. They represent the purest form of LOVE.  In every project this ministry chooses to take on, I am led by the Holy Spirit because my HOPE is that whatever I choose to do, it is given GODs blessing.

 I have 20 years of business experience, 10 years specifically working with non-profit program development. I have 15 years of teaching experience, specially working with at risk youth and special needs children. I have been doing ministry work since my conversion 10 years ago working with crisis pregnancy centers, facilitated groups for post-abortion healing, hospice care and feeding the homeless. Presently, I work with foster youth and most importantly I am a Mother of two and a Wife.  I have many roles and mean different things to many people. I carry the titles of Daughter, Friend, Sister, Wife, Mother, Teacher, Mentor, Administrative Assistant, Volunteer, Director… the common thread through all these titles is that I choose to serve. I CHOOSE to serve others, to put the needs of others above my own. My prayer for each and every person that I meet and know is that they leave me better.

 The Seraphim Project’s mission is to offer hope to survivors of sexual abuse by assisting them in their journey to healing whether it is though providing resources, like getting them connected to local workshops or support groups or assisting a survivor in getting to a Grief to Grace Retreat or through the I Am Program via partial or full scholarship.  


We are The Seraphim Project of Women Organizing Women. I am thankful to my Sister in Christ Robin Mc Coy for her vision, wisdom and friendship. Her guidance has gotten me farther in the realization of my life mission, even before I thought it was even possible. It is one thing to share your dreams with someone, it’s a whole other level of awe… To know that in this present moment as you look at your life, you are no longer in the realm of possibility and potential but living in and living out your mission. The Seraphim Project IS, because of the encouragement and support it has as a member of Women Organizing Women.

-Carmen Cabrera Hall, Founder
The Seraphim Project

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